Why do ex boyfriend and girlfriends talk crap about their exs.

My ex broke up four months ago and said he wanted someone with his lifestyle. I found it that I was pregnant with his puppy last January. And when I told him he called me a slut and said it wasn't his. I got it fixed. And weeks after that he didn't talk to me. Then a few days ago he asked me to take down the photos of us on fb and I said I didn't want to. His girlfriend who is sixteen and he's 19 and I'm 21. Anyways she then said I was a retarded bitch and ugly as fuck. She said my personality sucks and I'm a loser. I met her only once . He then claims he only had fun with me while he got laid. I don't believe it. I asked him to stop texting me and he continues. Wtf should I do


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  • First off, why do you want to keep the memories of him by keeping those pictures? He's obviously an insensitive human being, who chooses the same in girlfriends. (Excluding you of course!)

    You can fix whatever emotional connection you still have with this wanker by realizing you made a mistake, and appreciating fully what manner of person he is. (Not worth your time.)

    You have been hurt... And it is going to hurt more to let go of him.

    But you have to. Can you imagine being married to a guy who calls you a slut when he impregnates you? What does that make him? A pimp?

    I must say something else. This is the hardest part. Your heart is going to want to get closed in... Put up some barriers so you do not feel this pain, again. Don't do it.

    It will feel humiliating, painful, terrifying, but do not put up those barriers. The barriers keep pain from getting in- but thy also have the same effect with love: They keep it from ever truly touching your heart. Take it from a guy who knows.

    So please... move on. Take those pictures down, they are a memento of a time that has come and gone. Keep your heart open in spite of the pain, and fear, and rejection. You will be okay :)


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  • She feels jealous of you and likes criticizing you because it reinforces him not liking you. He's probably angry over something. Who knows. He probably likes the attention he gets from the new girl when they critisize you. If he's seriously bothering you you can do legal things to stop the harassment. Call your police dept if you want that to stop. They will handle it for you. She doesn't know you and like I said she's jealous. You're not close to being ugly. Honestly I would move on from them.

  • You should move on with your life. Leaving his photos on your FB is not going to help you. Moving on is your only solution. Concerning yourself with what others believe about you is a massive waste of time.

    • The thing is I'm not in love with him anymore. I just like them just because. I have pictures of my other ex and he doesn't care at all

    • Ok keep his pictures

    • I should have made it more clear:)

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  • I don`t see any good in keeping the pictures. He is an insensitive jerk and his girlfriend probably has a low self esteem. No girl says that about a girl they don`t know if they have a good self esteem. You should probably block him from fb and his number. I would delete him out of my life if he was my ex. You don`t want to spend your time around toxic people like that.


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