Is it too early to start dating again?


My ex boyfriend and I broke up a few days ago. He started the conversation but in the end the break was mutual. We have had a difficult relationship for a long time. Back in October he cheated on me. We broke up. He continued things with her. We got back together a little before Christmas. All in all we have broke up two times since Christmas, so this last time was not a shocker.

I have not been happy for a long time. I feel like if I start seeing someone else it will keep me from moping around like in our last break ups (which there are many over our relationship that lasted 7 years.But I have never been with anyone else.

Do you think it is too early to date again? I am thinking of asking a guy out at the gym I think is really cute? (and I know him outside the gym too). So is only like a week or two too early after such a long relationship?


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  • Um...I waited 10 days between relationships and I met my current boyfriend on like day 2 of that 10 day period.

    You seem pretty riled up about the past relationship yet (no offense) even though it was mutual. And you still seem to be dealing with it - a perfectly healthy thing to do. I'd wait a little longer. You can flirt, by all means, but don't jump into a situation that requires you to be emotionally invested in someone if you're still dealing with the aftermath of someone else - if that makes sense.

    If you feel you're ready though, by all means, have at the gym guy.

    • Well I have liked the gym guy for a long time but didn't say anything because I was in a relationship. He is going to be moving to another state in a few months and I don't want to miss my chance! At the same time I don't want to get involved with this new guy if it is too soon.

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