What is the best way to contact ex?

A mutual friend told me about a place she often goes to, I could arrange for us to sort of bump into each-other there.

--My thoughts being that if she saw me in person it would be harder to say no

A phone call

--Possibly less intimidating, but makes it real easy for her to hang up on me without taking the time to listen politely

A text, this was the last way in which we communicated...September 2012. I still have that text.

--negative reply back then

I've tried to move on. Dated several girls since then. Most were terrible, a few decent but not attractive, one mediocre relationship for 5 months. None were Laura. No one came close to making me feel the way she did. Has it been long enough for me to try again? I'm scared.


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  • Being It has been two years now, a lot has gone on, much has changed, and that goes for hard feelings. Perhaps if you're willing to forgive and forget, she may too.

    Give her a call, ask her to hang out. Never mind the text, she May just find this------ improper. Just tell her you haven't talked in awhile, or even seen each other just to-----hang and find out what's been going on in one anthers' lives. I don't believe she would hang up. I know I wouldn't. Explain to her cheerfully, that you would like to catch up on things from over these past few years. Hear her response. You may be surprised to how warm she may be.

    Sure, you could "accidental act," but That may seem even More Awkward, than just a simple phone call, with No face to face, And much easier sometimes to get the words out in the open.

    Don't be scared. It's your call. If she was the love of your life, then you need to do this in good taste. Only You know how Laura Might react to a phone call, text or---a bump in the nite.xx

    • In the past she blocked my number to help get rid of me I guess, I called her a few months later and got through but she threatened to do it again.

      I know she's single now, she's dated a lot but most guys just wanted to screw her I don't think they cared about her feelings. I did, but she didn't want me. I guess I'll try, thanks for the advice.

    • Oh, I see..well, that was the past..All you can do is try..I think an accidental meeting might just be face to face..I have experienced it, and it's just..awkward..calling, although, true, she can hang up with her old hangups, but at least, if she does, No one out in public has to see anyone's actions or expressions, and done secretly with no one's business..more relaxing too, easier to get it all out...Oh, you are so welcome..xx

    • Hi, sweetie.. glad I could help, and hope for better things in the future for a most amazing man. xx

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  • You don't. She may place a restraining order on you.

    IF she hasn't contacted YOU, then she doesn't want to deal with YOU.

  • Try harder to forget her. Eventually, it will go away.

  • I think the first way is the best.

    • That's what I thought. Looks like a road trip is order LOL it's just an hour no big deal. Also I need a male make over.

    • As Paris said, it may be a little awkward. I think you should have a friend along (that's familiar with this place she frequently goes), just to make it a little less "what a coincidence! here I am! here you are!" Good luck!

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