Should I reach out to my ex and break NC?

just need advice on what you would do..

story short my ex dumped me and broke my heart. we were dating off and on for over a year and he was always the one to end things with me and I would always chase after him. no matter what he did to me I would always forgive him.. even though I knew I shouldn't have.

this time.. two months ago he ended things with me again and it ended pretty bad. I was heart broken, a mess and mentally drained... instead of chasing him.. this time I immediately went into NC with him and removed him from my life to try and move on.

during the 2 months of nc.. I've decided to concentrate on myself and family. my grandfather had a massive stroke(he also has other health problems as well) so I decided to take a break from college and help out to take care of him.. because of this I basically disappeared from a lot of our mutual friends lives because taking care of my grandfather is basically a full time job and well draining at times to... both mentally and physically.

my ex eventually broke NC and reached out to me a week ago saying that he hopes I'm okay and that everyone is worried about me and to please get in contact with them and tell them I'm okay.

i decided to not reply back to his text.. whether it was a good thing that I did I don't know.

i still care for him and love him.. but at the same time I just don't want to open up to him, get my hopes up and then have to start the healing process all over again.

my exs mother has cancer and I guess during the week she had to be admitted into the hospital. I know he is in a bad place right now.. and I feel like I can relate to him in some way because I'm basically going through a hard time as well with my grandfather.

i don't know whether to send him a text saying that I heard about how he is going through a hard time right now and that he and his loved ones are in my prayers and that I hope he is okay.

i know I'm over thinking this.. but I just don't know if its a good idea or not to reopen that door with him or to just keep a strict nc with him.


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  • It's very sad that his mom is dealing with cancer but he's not your problem and neither is her ailing mother, He sounds like he's been a terrible person, and so what if someone in his family has cancer.. pray for them and MOVE ON.. do NOT contact him b.c. you feel sorry for his mom, that's stupid.


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