Would you ever change your mind about someone who cheated on you?

So I was kinda a slut in high school. I had 10 boyfriends and I cheated on all of them. Cheating in high school meant kissing not having sex.

I never slept with any of them. My first time was in college, with a guy I knew, but wasn't in love with. And I really really regretted it. I know some of you are not going to believe it, but with sex I don't want to cheat anymore.

So I just declared my major and we each got an upper classman to mentor us and well turns out I used to date mine, when I was a freshman in high school.

We get along really well though. I know that even tho it was just a kiss, I hurt him back then and I was wondering if there was any chance he'd ever change his mind about me and go on a date again?


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  • I could never give another chance to a girl that cheated on me (having sex). The decision (especially if I thought at one point she was my soulmate) would be very difficult if it was only a kiss.


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