Guys, where is he coming from?

My ex and I reconnected. It was great, we fought for the first time, and he immediately acted weird, almost dumped me, and said he is deciding what's best for him. When I talked to him and told him what I thought or felt, he changed his mind... And later that night was saying "I think we should go out again... I want to go out again."

What the hell could this be? I haven't had sex with him and show no sign of that so it can't be for sexual reasons. I know he cares about me but this is just really unstable and he seems really confused. How can I make sure he's in it for good this time?


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  • It sounds like something other than you is keeping him confused.

    Maybe he is worried it won't work again. Or maybe he is hurt.about

    A past relationship having nothing to do with you that is making him scared

    Or just confused. I would take it very slow. I wouldn't give him sex

    Either until you are sure he's not gonna flake. Just be cheery and take it slow. Have fun and.don't get serious until you know he's ready.


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  • You can't. There's always a risk of a relationship failing. You either ride it out and hope for the best, or break up and go no-contact so there's no chance it won't work...


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  • You can't. This is why most of the time getting back together with an ex is a bad idea. You've asked questions about this guy before and things don't seem to be getting better. He seems to have no idea what he wants or how he really feels about you. Meanwhile you are analyzing everything he does trying to figure out where you stand. Isn't it exhausting? Sometimes things are just not meant to be.


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