Ex is acting weird. please enlighten me?

so I dropped him and blocked his friends on Facebook once our break up was re affirmed, however I've broken up with him twice. he asked me out 3 times. I really did like him, but it was the type of idiots he was hanging out with and him being a chicken about it (not protecting me)

so now...he made a new fb account with less than the amount of friends his started with and then he blocked me.

it's just kind of odd...and how do I know? because friend saw his new account.

i'm only curious as to 'why' and 'what's the point'.


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  • Why? He's childish.

    What's the point? He thinks he's proving something.

    What? He's proving that he's childish. But doesn't know it.


    • Thank you for BA.

      The competition was tough. But I felt confident. ;+p

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