How do you go about retrieving your things belongings from an ex?

my ex boyfriend still has my shoes , maybe my bracelet I've 'lost', some food (provisions), stuffed animals, etc.

however, I've changed my phone number and he's changed his.

I don't have mutual friends with him, all of his friends (most) have been nasty to me.



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  • My dear friend,forget about worldly possession. If it is in your fate anyhow you will get them. Just be happy that now you are a free bird!


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  • if you care about this material shit you sound like you were in the relationship for shallow reasons.

    • wow...someone's messed up. where the hell did you pull that out from? your ass? not your head? please answer the question, don't give me your hashed out grade school level analysis of my personality that you happen to 'magically' know from 4 lines of text.

    • Sorry I went on a tangent. Alright to answer your question try asking his parents if they can get a hold of him.

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  • Do you guys live close to each other? Maybe go to his house during a decent time of the day or if you know where he works show up there. I don't usually recommend that but seeing as you have no other contact information what else can you do. You guys weren't at least friends on any social media website? You never knew his email? How long ago was the break up?

    • 3 year relationship, I broke up with him December 26th ish. he changed his phone after I changed mine. don't know if he uses his email. I blocked him on fb he blocked me etc.

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    • sighs

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