Confused about whether I really still have feelings for my ex or not and if he is interested in me or not?

I was dating a guy in high school that I had been having a crush on since 7th grade. Our relationship only lasted 3 months because my father disassproved with us being together. We never said to eachother it was over or anything like that . We just stopped communicating because we both knew. We really liked eachother. Anyways, our relationship ended at the end of a shool year and he had told me he was moving to another school for half of his next school year and possibly be back. Never heard from eachother again and I met a new guy the following school year. He did come back but I was now with someone new that is now currently my boyfriend for about 2 years and a half. Now that I am in college, I saw my ex and he came up to me with hug. He asked me for my number even after asking me if you was still with the guy he had seen me with . I know giving him my num was a bad idea but I did. I have always liked this guy sonce middle school and I have never been able to forget about him. He never called me or texted me but yet, he still says hi to me whenever we see eachother. Often, I catch him starring at me and I do the same. I don't know how he really feels about me I'm confused but I know I have feelings for him still. My boyfriend and I have been arguing a lot lately about pointless things and I feel like I'm loosing my love for him. I always catch myself thinking about my ex . I have no idea what to do . I don't feel like I'm happy with my boyfriend anymore now that I hav. Been sseeing my ex everday at my college. What do you guys recommend for me to do?


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  • This is a difficult choice. I assume that you care about both of them. If you broke up with your boyfriend and reconnected with your old crush would you forget all about your ex? I expect now. You might still have feelings for him just as you still have feelings for your crush. This confusion and unresolved anxiety might be the cause of the petty arguments between you and your boyfriend. If these started when your crush reentered your life, I would be suspicious of thoughts that you are losing your love for him.

    None of this answers your question or resolves your conflict. Ultimately you need to choose whether to stay with your boyfriend or not. I think that choice is partly independent of whether your crush is interested or not. Ending a relationships really shouldn't be about whether there might be someone better on the horizon. However if you find you really don't love him (independent of how you feel about your crush), it makes sense to end it on that basis alone.

    If you decide to stay with your boyfriend, you have to deal with the unfortunate situation where you care about more than one person at the same time. As I said before you might still have that problem is you switch partners.


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