I almost broke up with him, we got back together, now no contact?

we talked and talked and I told him why I want to break up, we kind of reconciled, and understood each other. Everything was okay, The breakup was about me wanting more of him an basically I was frustrated he's so distant and cold with me. I'm not clingy, but what I'm getting is barley a relationship. I told him this.

Now, its been 3 days and no contact?

should I just give up? what's going through his mind?


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  • How long were you with him before you had this conversation? Because there are plenty of possibilities here. You said he's cold and distant, is this out of the ordinary from his usual behavior? He may be taking some time to think things through on his own, as that seems to be the personality type based on your description above. There certainly is the possibility that he decided to end it and is just too meek to come to you and actually state it, but if he made the effort to reconcile and get back together then that says something.

    • we've been together for 7/8 months. he's always been the same...

    • If he cannot make a short term attempt to acknowledge your concerns and work with you, then he certainly won't change long term. Its not a question of malice, he may simply not be capable of being the type of boyfriend that you clearly want. You had your breakup, your reconciliation, and your reunion - any thinking he may have needed these last few days for should have been during that time instead. He sounds like he just is not a good fit for you.

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  • It's hard to say with the limited information that you give. I'm sorry, but to put it bluntly, if this guy isn't talking to you after three days, he probably doesn't care enough about you. For your sake, I would recommend perhaps one cordial conversation to finalize the break up, then no contact for as long as you need to recover. I know its tough to accept, but you want more out of a relationship and you won't get it with this current individual. Good luck


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  • You basically told him that he can't make you happy. If he can't make you happy, he won't be happy. He probably agrees at this point it's over. If he wanted to take active steps to improve you're feeling content in the relationship, he wouldn't wait 3 days to call. It may not be over yet, but, it's over.


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