He says he likes quiet girls?

There is this guy I met last semester, and since it is a small school he is in another one of my classes this semester. Before break he was introducing me to some people in the class (as I am very quiet and don't introduce myself to people) and he said that I am quiet, but he likes that. At first this kind of bugged me, because I don't like the fact that I am quiet and I'm working on changing it. I feel people misunderstand me and that maybe he has this image in his head of a perfect, pretty, quiet girly girl, when in actuality I talk a lot with my friends and make a lot of jokes and say 'fuck' a lot. xD I just don't want to put my heart out there to be called a mean bitch again when I don't act the way a guy wants. But he does know that I'm kind of geeky and that I'm into anime/manga and that I play video games and read comic books. -my wardrobe- ^_^

Anyways before break my friend stayed to talk to everyone so I hung back to wait for her, and we all left together when we got to the parking lot the guy was hugging everyone, and I don't really hug people so I already started walking backwards to my car when he was like, "Hey come over here" and hugged me. After break he came up to me and and asked how my break was and I just said it was alright, which he responded with, only alright? (Thinking back could he have been trying to get me to talk more?)

Well I noticed this semester he's touching me more. Like I usually space out in class and end up just fumbling my way through the exercises and I guess he noticed because now he always comes by me to see if I need help (I don't usually ask for help), and if I do need help he'll like rest his hand on mine on the mouse (it's a computer class) or he'll rest his arm against mine. I also feel that while he makes eye contact with everyone, he will hold my gaze longer (but it could be it just feels like a really long time). XD

Basically, what can I do to make him know (and only him) I'm interested, I don't want the whole class to be like, OMG this chick is totally into him! I would try talking to him after class, but he's usually talking with other people. Do I have any other options? I don't think I'm afraid of his rejection, I just want to let him know how I feel at this point.

Thanks for helping this clueless girl!


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  • Well from what you said it sounds like he's into you. You don't sound like a very direct sort of girl so I suppose simply walking up to him in class and asking him out is out of the question? (although just saying there's a really good chance that would totally work). As for keeping it between just you two there's no way to do that in a small school. Everyone is going to know eventually so I wouldn't really worry about it lol. Try talking to him more in class and maybe tell him that you wanted to give him something after class one day. When he stops to ask what it is just slip him your phone number (he'll take the hint). Or if you want to be cuter about it just tell him that you need a hand after class. Then tell him that you literally need his hand and write your number on his hand :D

    • Totally not a direct girl, I don't think I could tell him I like him, it would just be a red face and incoherent words, haha! I could see telling him I need a 'hand' after class (xD), after all he does help me out already. Though there are usually people hanging around, and that's what makes me nervous. Would it be weird if I kept asking him questions until we were the only two left?

      If he's not interested would he be bothered/uncomfortable by this? Could I reassure him it's ok?

    • If you really don't want anyone there then yeah you could just keep asking questions but I would recommend just doing it subtly. Its just you writing on his hand from someone else's perspective so its nothing to be nervous about. And if he's not interested then he's just going to be flattered. I definitely wouldn't try to reassure him about anything unless if he outright says no because that's just mixed messages. Take the chance though because nothing will ever happen if you do nothing :)

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