He cheated with me and then broke up with his girlfriend but isn't with me.

He's my friend and we kind of have a history together. We were both drunk at a party and ended up making out. A few days later he broke up with his girlfriend but he hasn't made the move to be with me (I don't except him to, it was just something that happened in the heat of the moment).

But considering our past, do you think it's possible he could have some feelings for me or is he just not ready for a relationship? What are your thoughts on a situation like this?


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  • You say you kind of have a history? What kind of a history? Was it friends who occassionally hooked up? Were you in an actual relationship? Was it just sex? Was it before his girlfriend came on the scene?

    He cheated on his girlfriend with you but it doesn't necessarily mean he has feelings for you. It was literally right place, right time. Things may not have been going right in his relationship and cheating with you may have just confirmed for him that he needed to end things, not because of you but because the relationship simply wasn't working.

    • We would fool around occasionally and have date nights sometimes but we didn't go as far as sleeping with each other. We talked often so it wasn't just for the physical aspect, we are pretty close friends. This went on for about 8 months before his girlfriend came into the picture.

    • I'm sorry if this is harsh but honestly if he wanted more from you, why would he have got a girlfriend. It sounds like you're his back up.

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  • NEXT!


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