Should I send her a message?

Okay, so I graduated high school 7-8 years ago. I have a Facebook and started adding people I graduated with. This one girl I added, I didn't talk to much but always wanted to get to know, she was quiet and a bit shy which interest me, I'm simular to that, why I didn't talk to her much. Also, high school years were a low point for me compared to now. But would it be weird if I sent her a message on Facebook? I'm not even sure how much she'll remember me if at all. I saw her working a few years back and we awkwardly looked at each other, I felt bad because I should of said something, or acknowledge the fact we went to high school together but my shyness prevented me from it.


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  • Text her, you've got nothing to lose. I'm sure she remembers you if she accepted you on Facebook. If she says she doesn't remember you, try to remind her, but if she still says that she has no memory of you, then stop texting her.


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