My Ex Confronted Me about a few things.. confused. HELP.

So, my current ex and I brokeup because he said he lost that "spark" between us. We tried to be friends but since I couldn't handle it, I told him that and blocked him on Facebook and Skype. Then, he started talking to our mutual friend about me, saying bad things about me that weren't even true. Then, he started talking to him about the relationship and my friend said it sounded like he had trouble letting go. My friend also didn't understand why he cared about all this since he had a new girlfriend. Then, he wanted to talk to me so my friend tricked me into talking to him.. He started asking if it was true that I flirted with some guy during the relationship, and I told him that was false. Then, he still accused me of cheating on him since he thought I had new boyfriend, which I don't, but never gave him a straight answer on that. So then, I asked him about his new girlfriend who he got with pretty quickly after we brokeup and he referred to her as "she was in the right place at the right time" and that they hit it off well. Then, I told him I was happy for him and he got all mad saying for me not to say things I don't mean, but I actually did mean it. After, we started talking about why we brokeup and that entire "spark" this was brought up and I told him it came and went for me and he got all mad and said "I see" and stormed off. He didn't give me a chance to explain or anything. Then, later that night, my friend saw him on the game that he plays and has his new girlfriend on. His new girlfriend came into the room and he said "hey brah" to her but then he didn't seem to talk to her after this. What I don't understand is..

1. Why does he care so much?

2. Does he even seem to really like this girl? What does he mean by "right place the right time?"

3. Should I try to contact him and explain?


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  • This situations sounds very juvenile.

    #1. He cares so much because he doesn't like the fact that you are trying to move on and forget about him and heal yourself. That means you're not trying to wait in the wings for him or be his "friend".

    #2.Maybe he likes this new girl,maybe he doesn't. You shouldn't even care at this point. You should be focusing on removing yourself out of his life and not listening to his bull$#it. He is playing head games with you to gauge how you still feel about HIM and you are allowing it by continuing to talk to him.

    #3.Why would you contact this person who is clearly playing games and creating stories. Its not magically going to make him want you again. But if you want to lose your dignity and have him hurt you all over again,feel free to contact him. But I guarantee he will continue to act like a douche. Since you're still trying to get him back in some way and he knows he can still get you,even though he no longer wants you.

    if I were you,I would block him from every social network,I would not text,call or email..mor would I accept any contact from him. Mutual friends would not be allowed to speak of him,and I would make sure to not magically bump into him at his favorite spot.Guys respect girls who don't put up with their s#it,and right now you're allowing him to run over you...therefore he doesn't have respect. No one can "trick" you into talking to someone. You wanted to tall to him. You could have just as easily got up and walked out of the room instead of talking to your ex...lets be real here. The sooner you are honest with yourself,the better. Cut him off completely...good luck.

    • I completely agree with this answer. This guy doesn't seem to know what he wants. But yes you must be the stronger one and walk off. Its not worth it. He hit the answer right on the nose.

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