Ex recovery, any techniques?

My ex and I have been in contact even after we broke up, we've only stopped talking for only like a month, but after that we keep talking, and every now and then, we see each other talk a little and ... You know, but I want more than that I want commitment, a relationship again

How can I recover my ex?, how can I get him back? What a boy wants?


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  • Well who broke up with who? There's a lot more information needed there. Did somebody do somebody else wrong? Etc.

    • He broke up with me, beqne he felt I was a "little too much" for him, anddthat was like his clich?, then we start dating again for a couple of months and then again we stopped.

      Its kindcf weird because when we are together right now, he couddle, and hold my hand and that kind of stuff, but on whatsapp he is kind of cold the same when we casually see each other in a public place

    • Well don't take this too seriously, only you are in a situation to really tell...but that sounds to me like you aren't the only girl he is seeing...when I seriously like a girl I'm always happy to see her...even if I'm in a real bad mood about something I will try to make sure she knows that it's not her I'm pissed off about

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  • I think the best way is to break all contact. My ex and I were still in contact for a little bit after we brokeup and it just made everything harder for me. The minute I blocked all form of contact, I was able to recover and move on. If you want to get back with him, maybe the best way is just to be straight forward and ask him.


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