Is it normal how my ex and I act?

I've known my ex for 5 years, and we dated during last month.

We've hung out in and out of school/during summer. He broke up with me (via text) because he said it felt awkward due to our history. I started to secretly like him about 2 years after we met, and I still do.

He's nice and funny, but he hasn't texted me back since the break-up. He still wanted to be my Valentine after, and I found that ridiculously sweet. The day after he ended it I tried to talk to him, and, at a table full of our friends, he couldn't even look me in the eyes. He got up and left, and everybody thought he was going to cry. I know it's weird, but I also miss his younger brothers. You know the feelings you get when somebody asks you out? I've had a few relationships, and I usually feel a thrill or achieved. This time I thought about us.

I thought about our past, future and situation. If he could make me happy, mainly. It felt right. I still like him, but I don't know if he does. We're still good friends.

We've only dated once if that isn't clear.


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  • You are young and there will be other boys and dates. I understand how you feel but a real relationship takes two that are together in open, honest communicating. Best Friends make the best relationships. Make friends and remain his friend. There is no time limit on when you have to be dating or in a relationship. Make friends and if one becomes a best friend great. Relationships develop from best friend types that are open and honest in sharing their feelings and secrets with each other together. Be happy, be honest and be friendly, make many friends. Some of these friends will become close friends and so on. When the right boy becomes your best friend, the relationship will just happen.


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  • is it normal how you two act? no not really, although normal is a very relative term

    it sounds to me me like this relationship is a bit dangerous because you are hung up on him. so essentially you probably experience a lot of ups and downs as a result of, putting all your eggs in one basket so to speak. I think it would be really healthy if you took steps backwards (no flirtations, no girlfriend/boyfriend being each others' valentine's). IF you two are meant to be together you should do it otherwise this hot and cold sort of at a distance affection is really not serving you that much, and you could be missing out on opportunities with great guys.

  • Don't really know what's wrong here. If he won't speak to you about his feelings it is gonna be tough to sort this.

  • Clearly his a jerk

    No offence but he dumps you then gets back with you on Valentines day then dumps you again

    Im quite surprised that you still like him and it is not normal on how you two act

    So just forget about him don't stress too much about him because he is probably going to dump you again

    • Sorry if I didn't make it clear, we only dated once.

    • Sorry but I thought you dated then broke up then he wanted to be you're Valentine's again

      You just seem to be over thinking about it so give it some time and see what happens he might want you back but you have to make him prove that he is loyal to you because the worst thing to happen is him hurting you again

    • We were each others' Valentine. Is that considered dating?

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