Risque messages to other people that aren't your bf/gf.

If a guy is messages girls saying stuff like "only thing that could've made my night better was you!" or even more risqué messages when they're in a relationship but don't act upon it, should their girlfriend be worried or they actually have nothing to worry about?

Do guys do this often? Do they just look for attention from others or what?


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  • He's looking for attention from another woman, and NOT in a oh let's be friends kind of way. That comment obviously had some sexual tension tied up in it. This is NOT acceptable behavior. It may just be talk right now, but eventually that won't be enough. The talk alone is cheating emotionally.

    • Thanks for your advice. When i first confronted him he said I interpreted it wrong. A while later he admitted that it was suggestive, but his motive behind it was because at the time her guy friends or his "frienemies" were hitting on me in front of him and he got a bit jealous. Should he have done it anyway? No he shouldn't have, but at least he gave me his reason and up till now he had proved he's quite faithful.

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  • If your guy is doing this, that means he is cheating, has cheated, or will cheat in the future.


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