The hypocrisy of cheating.

Nobody wants to be cheated on, the cheater usually doesn't want to end their current relationship, and no one wants to be in a relationship with a why does it still happen? I'd really love if we could get some input from people who have cheated before or have been cheated on. Did your cheating partner give reasons?


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  • People like the security of having someone but want to sleep around. Or they're married and can't get a divorce or don't care to go through all the hassle or would lose a lot in the process but don't get sex from their spouse, or don't like their spouse so they start cheating. Or, in cases when they didn't mean for it to happen, they're hanging out with someone and that person makes a move and they get caught up or something. I mean they're still to blame because they didn't stop it or prevent it from happening or such but they at least didn't plan that one. Some people just can't stay faithful. They care about another person but they just can't help themselves.


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  • It's called having your cake and eating it too. lol

  • When a person's need are not being met by their partner, sometimes the problems that come with being a cheater are outweighed by the urge to get those needs met. I have not cheated but I know a few men who have and that has been the common denominator among all of them.


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  • I've been both the cheated on and the cheater. Too be honest I believe it is all a state of mind. Most of the time it has nothing to do with the person being cheated on. Most of the time there's something missing in the relationship, but that reason isn't enough to leave the relationship entirely. Sometimes another person catches your attention and you want to explore the other option without sacrificing current positions, usually completely selfish. In my experience I cheated when the fundamentals of the relationship no longer existed, ie the trust was broken through dishonesty. Once that trust was broken in the relationship, my loyalty is gone, and I was too chicken to end it, or they hung on to it for dear life hoping to fix it. Lesson to take from here is once the fundamentals of a relationship is gone, let it go, cos it will always end in heartbreak.

  • I was cheated on and when I found out, he was actually mad at ME because he got caught. It was so weird.

    Cheating happens because people are selfish and think they deserve to have every little thing they want. It's really that simple. They don't think about others, they don't think about how it'll affect the people around them... until it's too late. I really think cheaters are some of the lowest people on Earth, haha!

    Wah wah, you're not getting what you want from the relationship? Then GET OUT OF THE RELATIONSHIP or work on it. You really think divorce is worse for your children than learning that your mom or dad was screwing someone else? Come on. Cheaters are cowards who take what they want, regardless of consequence and the hurt it causes.

    Yeah, sorry about that. I really don't have any patience for cheaters. It's just so wrong.


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