Ended it because of car wreck?!

Trying to keep it short: I had a car wreck over a week ago. Totaled the car, was hospitalized and etc...Well, I don't even remember, but apparently when I woke up from being unconscious, I texted my him about being in the wreck. I then, apparently lost consciousness again and woke up in the ambulance. He was acting weird after the wreck..being distant and unresponsive. A few days later, he said he thinks the long distance hit home for him and he doesn't think he can do it anymore. He has been cheated on before by his ex whom slept with all of his friends. And, he is REALLY insecure. I just don't know why he is just throwing us away. He hasn't really even given us a chance. We met online through a game! And, we became friends..which led to having very deep feelings for one another. We have a lot in common as well..which led to the feelings.

Background: He lives in the UK and I live in the US. The day before the wreck, he told me when I came down to see him, he was going to buy me a ring so that everybody would know that I was his...He told me he loved me..He gave me all his bank info to get money for the flight and we were even looking at apartments to live together.

I am contemplating whether to just forget him altogether, or to keep trying. Every time I speak to him, he says he is just scared, got cold feet, and always pushes people away that is why he has been single for 2 years.

Guys what do you think? And, girls, have you been through this?
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His family that I know of, seemed to be supportive of us as well.
Another update: The last thing that was said: I was a bit upset with his cold emotion so I

told him I still loved him but I am about to give up because I didn't think I was being treated right. :/ He responded saying : I'm sorry! I never meant to hurt you!
Update: I decided to try harder, but take the friend route. Seems to be almost back to normal with us and he is coming to see me in May if all works out :-) thank you for the advice.


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  • He has some maturity issues. Mainly, with not allowing you fully into his heart... He is terrified of letting you in past a certain point, because of his past pain. Keeping his heart closed off prevents pain, but it also prevents him from loving you the way you deserve.

    He needs to know what he is doing. He is obviously a sweet guy. But until he knows what he is doing, and taking the "Safe" route", which is guarding his heart instead of being vulnerable with you, things will be "Like this" with him.

    So talk to him. You must use all of your feminine charm and wiles, and coax him out of his little box. He MUST feel assured that you WILL devote yourself to him at ALL costs. Are you? If not, why should he open his heart to you?

    • haha I am very willing :) I would do anything for him. Hence I am on here asking for help! Thank you for your kind input! I am just worried. We have seemingly been talking on an off for the past week..but he seems to be getting colder and colder. I have tried voicing that I don't want him to give up. Is there anything specific I should do? I think you're right though. Everytime I tell him I am not going to give up, I get a reaction. But, he is still cold. No emotion involved :/

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    • thanks for your help :)

    • You are welcome! And thanks for best answer :)

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  • I would try sitting him down alone and convincing him other wise

    • It is kind of hard. I was supposed to see him this week and stay with him for a month. But, obviously that is canceled. I don't have enough money to get a RT ticket. Maybe after a while I can...Any other suggestions? Calling him?

    • Ask him online are you two fb friends by any chance? Or if you can talk to each other online in any other way do that and suggest to him to see a relationship therapist together to try and work thinks out.

    • It would be hard to see a therapist as he lives in the UK :/

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  • He' a frosted corn flake >.>

    • is that supposed to be funny? ...

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    • lol okay well can you say that in more clearer terms? He is a frosted corn flake? lol...those are yummy? haha

    • He's a flake.. more than likely of the sweet variety..

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