Ran into an ex; asks how I'm doing ?! (etiquette related)

Walking down the street, going opposite directions. I say hi and keep walking, she salutes back, asks "how are you" and seems to stop and turn around kind of like waiting for something.. . I just said "good" as I kept going.

I know "how are you" is sometimes really meaningless ...

1. Did she want to talk to me? (she stopped and turned around)

2. Am I considered rude/mean/jerk that I didn't stop and strike a conversation with her ?


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  • Small talk if nothing else, but you just kept on going, LOL!

    • do you find it rude that I just kept going ? :))

      I said "good" ... it's not like I left her hanging. and I was the one that said hi in the first place..

    • Hmm come to think of it, the 1st time, I said hello & she ran from me at college, the second time another girl said hello & hugged, but I had to go (leaving the restaurant with others). 3rd girl she said hello and I was working 4th girl she was talking to someone else.

      It's always something isn't it,but if you're alone and pass each other, then there is really no excuse. So it wouldn't sound weird to you if "SHE" is the one that said "hi" & YOU say "how are you" then she says "good"& leaves?

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