Should I move on from my crush?

I am 15 and I met this boy in year 9 and I found him attractive right from the start and he just seemed like a typical cheeky teenage boy, but as time went on I realized that my feelings for him we're getting stronger and I am now in love with him to the point I can't live without him. We flirt a lot and get on well and sometimes I catch him staring at me and he's constantly trying to impress me, however he is a flirty type of guy and he flirts with lots if other girls as well but so how it just feels different with me and he was talking to his mates about this girl he had something with at a party and when he noticed I heard everything he was saying he looked embarrassed and almost sorry and that he had done something wrong (of course he hadn't done anything wrong Because we're not in a relationship) but I really love him and I want us to be together forever but I don't know how he feels and I don't want to tell him Because I don't wanna make it awkward between us but I don't know how he feels about me, shall I try and move on from him and is he just playing me and leading me on? Pleaseeeee help!

Thank you
By the way we are now in year 11 and about to leave school this is why it's so important to sort things out now because once we leave school I dear we will not see each other again????


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  • Ask yourself why you are so attracted to him. I know it's very hard at this stage, but what are your instincts telling you? They are telling you something. I am NOT talking about your heart which is going gaga over this guy. I am talking about the things that are nagging at your soul, the questions, what you REALLY see in this guy.

    Think about this: How much can you really love him if he is flirting with other girls? Surely you have not made the way you feel clear to him.

    Love is a deep knowledge of another persons heart that is forged from years of being around each other, talking, sharing lives. Not observing someone from afar and thinking that you are correct in everything you tell yourself. That is a recipe for pain.

    My advice is to get to know him. Learn what makes him tick. Stay abstinent from sexual activity. If you date him for a while (A few years) and he is willing to wait until your honeymoon to be intimate (Thus telling you that you mean enough to him to wait. Otherwise he's saying you don't), and you know that you want to spend the rest of your life with him, then perhaps he is your true love and mate.

    But you cannot know that now, especially if he is still flirting with other girls, and truly has no idea what he himself wants.

    • Thank you, I personally think he's funny, kind, caring and he always listens to me and he obviously has a couple draw backs but who doesn't? And I tell myself I shouldn't love him the au I do when he flirts with other girls but when we spend time together I can't help it, and he's the kind of guy that will wait for sexual intimacy if I wanted even though he Petrays himself as a tough guy that can get what he wants I know him better to know that he's really a soft gentleman.

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