Does my ex boyfriend still like me?

It took my ex a year to start dating someone else. 10 months after he was still bitter that we broke up. My friend tells me that he still talks about me constantly. We're pretty good friends still. I said I was cold and he gave me his sweater. Me and my friend were going to get some food and he asked me specifically if I wanted anything. He makes countless comments about how I'm his ex. He seems to avoid me/avoid talking to me when his girlfriend is around.


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  • Does it matter if he still likes you? Do you want to get back together with him?

    Because if you don't want to get back together with him, don't concern yourself whether he stills like you or not.

    You have no intention of getting back with him, and it seems selfish to want to know how he feels about you, so you can feel desired.

    If you do want to get back with him, then open up the lines of communications with him, and ask him what's going on between you, and what you have observed.

    Then see what happens.

    Good Luck!


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