Has anyone ever tried to have closure with an ex after a long period of time?

I'm not saying I'm all for doing it. I realize the downside of contacting an ex. Especially after a long time (a year or more). But I do know a lot of people want closure that they may've never gotten. A way to get rid of the bad feelings between the two. I'm curious if anyone has ever done it successfully?


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  • Getting rid of the bad feelings between the two can take forever sometimes. Being successful at it may often take Time, but finding the closure to come full circle with The actual accomplishment is a--------miracle.

    I had this experience with my First Love at the age of 13. I had met a boy, my same age, in another town, and we began this whirlwind romance for three magical years. It was unlike anything both of us had Ever Imagined, but was fortunate to have experienced. Our love making was so extraordinary, for we both were Virgins, was like something out of a fairy tale book. We were so in love, and not just a "puppy love," as the song goes, but to the extent, we were seriously discussing getting married and having some children. I was so lucky to have gotten the white horse with its white picket fence.

    However, all good things sometimes Do come to an end, as they say. The day came when I sat down and began writing Dan a "Dear John" letter. It was the Hardest, most devastating thing I ever had to do in my whole adolescent life. I wanted to die. For personal reasons, I decided this best, and hoped, like in a romance movie, my Knight would ride in on his steed and rescue me. It wasn't until Five years later, and hundreds of guys More, I was feeling the same pain, lost feeling in my heart, that no matter who the guy was I chose, he was never good enough for me. No one could even hold a candle to Dan, even if He were the King of England, no One else would do. Every schmo was this "Rebound Ram," and nothing More in my life. As far as relationships went, they became failed and-----far fetched, to say the least.

    Finally, the day came, when Dan and I were able to meet up for a special nite. We met in a small town near my own hometown, in which Now I had my own crib. We got up at the Best Western, ordering red wine, and with this came the flood gates of our past together. The time came when we went back to my place, and suddenly recaptured another moment in our life that took us back to the First time we had ever made love. Suddenly, after my Climax, came this calm over me, and I realized right then, that it wasn't the same anymore. We weren't the same anymore. The sparkle and flames of fire were gone now, and that incessant monkey on my back...disappeared into the twilight. I Finally was free as a bird. The other half of me, who was My dove all these years, that I prayed would fly back to me, had just returned for a One night vigil, bringing me this precious gift called "Closure," to Close the final chapter in our story book lives, allowing us both to finally move on.

    I have never loved anyone quite like him after that. And even though he went on to marry some Shrink and have six kids, I often wonder if he ever stops to think about His First love. I also wonder if he really loves Her like he did me, or even feels that Magic of glitter and gold whenever they are together in... their own White house with the White picket fence.xx


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  • Considering all my relationships have always ended on good notes and I have always stayed good friends with my exes since I was friends with them before the relationship. I only ever need closure from one girl the one I actually loved after a deep conversation I got what I was looking for and was glad to know that I was not the reason for the break up.


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  • No..I don't have plans on talking, seeing and reconcile with my ex.. I don't see the point. It doesn't mean you are bitter and if you already move on then it's better to just leave the past.


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