Why is he lying about me to everyone?

I dated this guy briefly, nothing too serious or official but definitely dates...until he screwed me over and got with another girl and stuff etc in the most rude way possible.

But then he told his friends that we apparently were never on dates, only I thought they were dates but to him they werent. Wtf?

He used the word date not me, when we were together... so I don't understand why he's saying this, its embarrassing and a lie...


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  • probably because he was dating the other girl at the same time, and doesn't want her to find out that he was seeing you when he was seeing her. he doesn't care about you now, he cares about her, so doesn't care how he makes you feel. let this one go. who cares what he is saying about you.


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  • He's an asshole

  • He's a loser and liar but hey.. agree with him lol... I wouldn't want it known I dated someone like him :p Just agree with him and confirm that you guys never dated.


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