Need female opinions on situation with my "ex", please?

Sorry this is so long, but it is kind of a complicated situation.

I dated this girl over 4 months ago now, we never were officially a couple or anything, but we went on probably 5-6 dates over the course of a few months with some periods of time between where we didn't really talk. She was really hot and cold with me back then and would get serious and then back off. We hooked up and basically acted like a couple when things were going good. Anyway, the last time I saw her we had an awful night together we both drank too much at the bar and she ended up refusing to let me stay with her over night even though she told me that before I started drinking, so I had to take a 35 minute cab ride back to my house. I woke up early the next morning and talked to her briefly (we both were probably still a little drunk), and she said she blocked my FB and that I should delete her phone #, and she deleted mine.

Anyway, last week about 4 months after that night without contact, I got a friend request from her on FB. I accepted and sent her a brief FB message saying I was sorry things got so crazy that last night and that it really wasn't as big of a deal. She responded she had no hard feelings. A couple days later we got to talking on FB again and I made a comment about how she was the one I called right after I finished the BAR exam, and that I was probably super annoying when I was studying for that all stressed out and that I owe her one. Her response was "You need to stop apologizing to me, I got over the issues we had a LONG time ago. But if you say you owe me one, I'll take that one in the form of a bowling night soon :)"

A couple days later she saw I got this Monday off work and we talked on fb about that and I asked if she Monday off school and she said "unfortunately no :( but I don't work after so we should definitely do something!". Monday she never followed up on it however. But Tuesday she FB chatted me again, and I told her I was looking at moving and she responded "Hopefully closer to me!" and she added that she never found out if I passed the BAR exam, and when I told her I did, she responded "OMG YAY! I'm so proud of you, we are going to go out celebrate soon!". She then asked why we are FB chatting instead of texting and I said because I don't have her number. She then texted me and said "You don't have my number in your phone!? :( Tsk Tsk".

We since then have set up tentative plans to hang out on Friday night. So my question is ladies, she is interested in going out with me again right? Her and I have never been just friends, so I doubt all of a sudden she wants to be my friend. All of these are signs she wants to go out with me again, right? I don't want to read into this the wrong way, but I don't really see how this could be anything else. Ladies, please correct me if I am wrong.


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  • Well I think that either something happened at the bar that only you two know about that caused her to stop talking to you and all of that. That is what caused her to just cut you off and now a couple months later she probably realize that she missed you and that she probably just drunk too much and overreacted at the situation.

    so I would say yes she is still interested in you just don't let your guard down. She did indeed hurt you before so she may do it again, but at the same time don't hold it against her. I think that you should be fine! plus you only live once so go with it and see where it goes! who knows this could turn out to be a beautiful love story one day! :)


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