If a guy says it's done and over does that mean he will never contact again?

I need to be sure an ex truly means it, caught him spying on me on certain websites etc but I need to know for sure he will never come back into my life, he hurt me badly want him to stay away,

So guys when you say it's done do you really mean it?
Not social media pages a site I was using subscribed to it and noticed he was viewing 5 times per day various times


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  • It doesn't matter whether he means it...you keep him out of your life by your actions, not waiting for his.


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  • Yes , but you should do the same and block him too. Some guys are crazy so if you don't block him he thinks you still like him etc .


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  • Ummmm...if you really wanted him to stay away you would block him on ALL social media. So in actuality,maybe you don't mind him spying on you. But to answer your question,some guys come back and some don't. I think it all depends on the bond between two people. Sometimes breakups are mistakes for one reason or another. Other times they aren't. You can control who comes into your life and who doesn't.


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