Ex dumped me 8 months ago.

Why is ex not removing MY friends from Facebook?

He has no friends on his but followed mine when HE dumped me...he deactivated the account after an argument and just set it to hidden...yesterday logs on to my Facebook to see new friends requests so checks them to see who I knew to add them and there was his friends request I hit ignore and delete pressed didn't know person and not have him send anymore friends requests along with my friends who he doesn't know never met or spoke to still there

Now call me paranoid but if hated someone never wanted to see or hear from them again and told then wanted out of life why reactivate an account you've no pals on and still have exes friends on it?

I don't wish him anywhere near my private life he cut me out his so should stay out of mine

Why is he doing this to me


Most Helpful Guy

  • You're doing it to yourself.

    Make your friends list private.

    Make your profile/photos viewable by friends only.

    Delete/Block your ex's Facebook account.

    Change your Facebook password.

    Problem solved.


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  • Dont dwell on it, move on, get out and have some fun, If I was younger and single, well I would be saying fancy a drink a stroll and a right good, drive out some where on the back of my hayabusa.

  • He wants to fuck your friends , that's why ;)

  • Uhg, tell me about it. My ex ONLY activates her account when word goes around I'm seeing someone new. She will activate it, obviously stalk me, and then deactivate.

    So dumb. I ignore and take it as a compliment someone is still obsessed.


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  • Sounds like he just wants to keep tabs on you, through your friends. Or, he just wants to be obnoxious as hell especially since you are working on moving on from him, and not begging for him back.


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