Help with houdini ex-boyfriend?

my ex is a good friend of my best friend's boyfriend and that's how we met. we go out at same places, not all of them, but there are some people that go to those bars that I regularly run into, and my ex is among them. we started dating at the beginning of November, and everything was going really fine except the fact that I minded him making comments about celebrities and sometimes telling me some short stories that involved his ex-girlfriends. that made me a bit insecure, even though he was really nice to me (he made dinners and breakfasts, he brought me sweets few times, he was making sure I'm not feeling cold, he was really gentle and not selfish at all, even in sex). but I decided to tell him that and I did in a really polite way and I also told him that I'm just not used to being in a relationship, but I showed him that I liked him. he made a comment about me being his little girl and kissed me and I thought everything was fine and I thought he understood. after I left his place I called him 2 days later just to hear his voice and we talked as usual for 5 minutes, but after that I haven't heard from him in a week so I sent him an sms when I went out to a place I know he visits often. he didn't respond so I called tomorrow and sent a message few days after that asking what's going on and he didn't respond to that either. so I decided to come to his place and since he wasn't there I left a short message on the door that I can't believe this. we finally ran into each other few days after that. I didn't want to greet him or talk to him but when he was going I decided I'm going to ask him if we could talk for few minutes to which he responded with an angry 'NO'. I haven't seen him or heard from him since (it's been 2 weeks exactly) and I don't want to call him because I tried everything I could and he was still rude to me. I was sad last week but now I'm much better. still, I do miss him a bit, even though I talked and flirted with some guys and tried to move on. I think we were compatible and I thought he had nice time with me. can someone explain to me what's going on? and of course, will he call me at all or should I forget he existed?
im 24, he's 30


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  • Forget him. He pretty much just wanted to sleep with you and that's it.


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