How do I move on from a girl I love who doesn't love me?

I'm madly in love with this girl I know and she doesn't seem to care. She liked me for a little bit but I never made a move. Now she doesn't even want to hang out anymore or talk to me I'm always the one texting her. She clearly doesn't like me but how do I just let her go? Like we can't even be friends anymore? She's so stubborn and I hate that I love her I wish I could get her out of my head but I can't. There's a lot of girls I've met but I like her the most what can I do I honestly can't move on


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  • You have to try to hang out with her if she's who you want.. I feel like at least that before you give up. To me it sound like you ain't even try...

    • I try so much. She does nothing at all. I have nothing to offer I feel like she's be bored with me. I don't know what to do everytime I text her she just kinda blows me off but when in person she's cool with me. I don't want to come off as annoying so I'm gonna just lay off and let her do what she wants

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    • Well I know for some women the reason for a shut down like what your describing could be one of three things. But I'll just say the pace, if it's moving to slow she might think your not really interested as you claimed you she backed off. Maybe your spending to much time with the other girls you met and neglecting her. You said you never made a move.. How come? Women view that as not really interested or they are being played.. I mean you can always continue what your doing eventually ull ...

    • Eventually find someone to make you for get about her for good I guess, Her not wanting to hang out,maybe her feelings are hurt. She could of liked you a lot but assumed you didn't and now just a whole bunch of mixed signals got in between you two. These situations are always very sad to me, how two people just let something go because of non communication. You will be surprised at how many people regret But it happens.:( keep things the way they are now, ull have a bunch of memories about her soon.sorry

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  • Maybe she does like you but thinks you don't like her because you never made a move.

  • you distance yourself and date other girls


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  • Unrequited love has brought whole kingdoms to its knees. It is not an easy thing to conquer, people use to prefer letting their anger out instead.

    Learn to box. Get a punch bag. Use the energy and the heartache. There are women all over the world. You will know when the perfect woman for you comes along and it will be a woman that will quickly take you away from any pain. This woman right now may seem like she cannot be beaten but a woman that falls in love with you will quickly surpass this other woman.

    Give it time.

    • I feel like my whole life I've been giving it time. I never had a girlfriend before becasue I was looking for the one and she was it and now it's over like it's the worst thing to happen to me

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