Should I brake up?

am with this girl for like one years now. the problem here she keeps returning to her abusive ex .then back to me when he hurts her or beat the crap out of her , I have decided at some point that this should come to an end. the next day I got a call from her she was crying like hell telling me that she won't do it again and she will leave him for ever, so I said OK for the last time, but this time I went careful I need my guarantees. and I won't do such thing to no one but someone learn from his mistakes I put a sms log on her phone to see if she is goanna text him after month and half of her major brake up with him he texted her and she replayed to him that she miss him and they will meet soon I did every thing I can to stop this from happening yet she can't change should I leave her or somehow help her if she don't know right thing to do I love her really but if she ain't willing to change then why waste time potential guys should I leave her ? she think she loves him to me it's a Stockholm syndrome she also say she loves me am lost because I really have feeling for her
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guys I need more your personal opinion screw the poll thanks
i told her i have a feeling that she is talking to her ex and that I ask her for the sake of our relation that she block his number on her cell and not talking with him she started to say am not talking with him and I am crazy controlling person !


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  • Dude, she has a psychological disorder. That's a red flag. You should've broke it off a long time ago with her. Women like that.. excuse me I mean girls like that should have no place in your life. If she's returning to her ex, she's probably banging him... while you guys are still dating? Have you lost your marbles? Dude, she's not taking you seriously and she's disrespecting you.

    She clearly still has feelings for her ex, I'm sorry man. You have to do what's right and what's HEALTHY for you now and break it off with this girl. I guarantee you will have issues with her later if you continue this relationship. You let her disrespect you. You showed her that you have no backbone and you let her walk over you like a doormat. To avoid being used and abused you should've been more like "WTF?" and completely questioned her about why she's going over to see her ex, if she still insisted that's when you show her the door and say bye, have a nice life. Break it off with this girl, be direct and stand up for yourself like a man. She's the one that's been showing dominance in your relationship and she's using you, reverse that shit. You need to cut bait and start dating some other girls that aren't still crazy for their ex's dick. Do what's best for you, not what's best for her.


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  • She's damaged and that could put you in a dangerous situation.

    Men and women who physically abuse people can turn violent and dangerous to the people AROUND who they abuse.

    This girl is messed in the head, there is no amount of love, support, or help that you can give her. IF she wants help, she has to do it HERSELF, if she is even psychologically capable of fixing her issues.

    You have to realize, some people have mental illnesses and disorders.

    IT isn't healthy to associate with such people, and it isn't healthy enter into relationships with such people. Next thing you know, you'll be messed up in the head, and constantly dating girls attracted to abusive relationships.

    You just can't help some people.

  • listen..she wants to live in that toxic relationship..she is basically using you when it gets really bad , then returning to him.YOU look like the fool, you are enabling her..let the dumb bitch go and find someone with some common sense and some dignity.

  • Tell her you know what she did and you are leaving her for good.

  • Stay with her and win her heart over. You're doing the right thing by being by her side to take care of her. You're better than him and you know that. She needs you and if you like her you'd help her. I know she's cheating on you but try your best. If that fails, it's time to break up. It sounds like she loves you but maybe she's shocked that her ex is gone and misses him. Trust me, it will get old being with someone who abuses her and she'll just want to be around you. Just ask yourself questions like who does she text more, hang out with more and things like that. If it's you then stay with her and eventually you'll find a way to her heart and it's your's alone and nobody can take it from you.

    • i don't believe it's gonna work any more I did my best can't do more than my best best ? you want me to go and kill her ex so the problem well be solved ain't doing this let her have him.

    • its not going to work,u are absolutely right

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  • Go by her actions not words , your not with her in the first place , you can bank on her fucking her ex on the side. cut her loose for good.


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