Broke up once but trying again

How often do relationships last if they broke up once and want to try again?


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  • I don't have a number for you, but I will say that for a relationship to work a second time, at least one of you will need to have changed. Otherwise, why should the relationship end any differently than it did the first time?

  • That depends on the parties involved. If you are serious from the beginning and your partner us to as well as your on the same level, then the chances of your relationship lasting long depends on YOU as an individual . But if the person your with never was serious about you, even if you make that relationship sexual and it's great: just remember its like a ticking time bomb. Its only just a matter of time when the bomb goes off and that relationship is over. Just be yourself, be honest with yourself,look at yourself in the mirror, reevaluate your last relationship and strive for a better future.


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