How do I understand this guy I dated?

Not that it matters because... obviously he's an ex. But I'm just so confused if it was I who did wrong or him. For future reference. Like, he was kind of weird because he loved to talk to a lot of girls and all of his best friends were girls. He had no guy friends. Most of his friends were in high school (he's 20, I'm 21)... and a lot of the people in his college were annoyed of him Because he was kinda out there. But in our relationship, he always wanted to still be able to compliment girls. He said he loved me but it's his nature to make people smile and compliment them if he thinks they're attractive. I felt insecure and upset about it and would take it as him flirting. But I don't know. Like is it okay for a boyfriend to want to talk to and compliment so many different girls?


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  • Sounds like he had a disorder of some kind.

    Its never normal for a college guy or girl to fuck around with high school kids. That is a key sign that they are not socially developed at an age appropriate pace.

    When I was in high school pedophiles would always try to pick up the 14-15 year old girls. They thought it was "cool" to date a college guy. And that the guys wanted them because they were so "mature" when in reality the college guys were creeps who couldn't get girls their own age because they were fucked in the head.

    Learn about mental illness and disorders. It isn't normal when someone doesn't have ANY friends of their GENDER OR AGE.

    Learn to see a predator and learn quick. There are plenty of men and women who are pedophiles, gold diggers, just after sex, or trying to manipulate or control you.


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  • Maybe he wants to increase his chances. He might only be in the friends zone with a lot of them but, if he plays the numbers, eventually, one or more will be there for him. Well, he is an ex and part of the reason for that might be that he was able to trade up to something that worked out better for him. There may be more trades coming.


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  • It's OK for some women but not for all. Me personally, I'd be cool with it if I trusted him and new he was only doing it to be kind, but if I thought he was shady.. I would not be OK with it and would break up with him. It just depends on the person.


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