Did I make a mistake breaking up?

I broke up with my boyfriend of three years on accounts that he isn't taking initiative with moving out of his parents house and he tends to show less effort when it comes to making me feel special (writing me handwritten letters, flowers etc.)

i'm at a point in my life right now where I need to know that he is serious about me and understands my needs. I think I have done everything I can to communicate things to him but regardless of those things he's a wonderful boyfriend and I feel empty without him


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  • I put my life on hold for 40 years no no we were married for 40 years Look I married my first love we thought things were great two lovely children worked my fingers to the bone and when I realized I was not in love with her the best years of my life had gone by and I had not experienced what life was all about when my children became adults and I watched them grow that's when I knew we both had screwed up.
    Don't be in like with what he used top do be in love with what you can do for you best of luck to you.


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  • Don't let a relationship hold you back from moving on to bigger and better things. He still a momma's boy. If you settle for him you will be his new momma taking care of him. You want a man not a boy. You're smart for realizing this. The pain will go away but you have to feel it. Feeling the pain and time is the only thing that will make it go away.

    • I'm just worried because I know this is something he will change (he has some fears right now about moving out) either than that we have a very deep connection.

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    • Thanks for your responses. I totally understand where you're coming from but like always, I want to be there for him, it's tough. He is my first love and will always mean so much to me because he's been a great boyfriend in every other way

    • I married my first love when we were 21 thinking we would grow up and have the same goals. He preferred someone taking care of him. I liked it for awhile. I think its a woman thing wanting to take care of someone and be there for them. 6 years later when I wanted to buy a house and start thinking about children. He still hadn't graduated and he had a string of odd jobs. He didn't care about going anywhere but where we were. So we got divorced. Don't put your life on hold waiting.

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