Should I move on or will he come back...?

He dumped me three days before our 9 month. I love him dearly and it was so abrupt. We were fine we went to get grocerys I came to his house still fine. I left and went home he texted me that we needed to break up. I called him and rushed over (takes me 20 min). He was playing x box and I told him that we needed to talk this out. He screamed at me to move on did not look at me in the eyes and shoved me off of him. that's how we ended. I came back to drop things off and everything was gone but not in the trash only the pins. The clothes I bought him were still there. I tried convincing him but he said to give him a couple months to sort things out of how he feels and that's that.

We were fine before not much fighting. The night before we broke up we discussed why he loved me and how much he wanted to marry me already. He said I was the only one he wanted. He's not a cheater. We discussed the future plans for next month and our anniversary. Nothing was out of the ordinary. His friend told me it was because I was too hard on him and way too sarcastic. I called him names but I said I'm kidding after. And even asked if he minded! This is absolutely ridiculous. We worked through jealousy and him feeling like he disappointed me a lot but he didn't even come to me for this. Should I move on? Do you think he will come back? He always said before repeatedly I'm the one no one else he can find that his cat likes (she hates mostly everybody), his parents adore, his friends love and matches him. He bought me a shit ton of gifts this month (even though he said he moved on from the beginning of this month I think is a lie). He saw me cry several times over him because he was so perfect. I was his first girlfriend. We did the dirties this month as well if that matters like 4 plus times. Anyways should I move on? Or will he come running back to me?
When I came over that night I was crying so much. He held my face and wiped my tears and kissed my nose. He said he couldn't do this anymore and put me through this.


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  • She's right move on when we love a girl so much its hard for us to be away for too long. So if he really loves you Im sure he'll come back to you. dont worry I understand how you feel I jut broke up with my girl that claimed she wanted us to be a family ;)


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  • Move on, if he loves you he will come back, they always do.


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