Why would he tell me his ex-girlfriend was jealous of me?

I have this guy-friend who I've known for many years and we're mostly just friends.He was in a realtionship with a girl who I had met back then when they were together.I had noticed that she wasn't really happy when I was around and that when I was out with him she called him usually! Eventhough I hadn't told him anything.Now the've broken up for like two months and we went for our usuall coffe time and suddenly when we were walking he just bursted that out.That she was jealous of me back then and she had told him. Why would he tell me that? And like in an irrelevant time...


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  • I think you've answered your own question! Maybe he does like you as more than a friend and is unsure of how to go about telling you? It sounds like he really values your friendship and doesn't wanna mess it up so I think he's trying to test the water by saying that about his ex. I think he's waiting for you to be prompted by that into asking him whether his ex had any reason to be jealous or not...? think the ball's in your court to put that to him, even jokingly because you could say (in a playful, non-serious voice) oh, so did you used to like me then? hmm ...really? do you think we would have been good together? ... wait for him to answer and see where the conversation goes

    Question is, do you like him that way? Or do you just think you do because you like that he might like you?

    • It's like really weird. I don't care if I'd be with him in a friendship or relationship it's like I just want to have him in my life.Like if he told he wants us together and we should try I would ok-and if we continued to be friends I'd be REALLY fine then too.I don't have a crush on him,I know it's seems like that but I don't.He's the only guy I feel like I don't mind whatever happens.And I do like someone else too,so I'm really NOT in love with my best friend... Your advice?

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