How to break-up nicely, is it even possible?

So, I've been seeing this guy for only 4/5 weeks and in that small amount of time our relationship has jumped from strangers to boyfriend/girlfriend and I don't even know HOW it got there.

I want to break it off, there's nothing wrong with him. I'm just not emotionally or physically attracted to him. Our first meeting was my blazing drunk on my 21st just randomly starting to kiss him (and many other guys that night). He seemed to take that as me being interested. We met the following weekend, I was curious and made it clear it was just a friendly meet up.
The following weekend was Valentine's and he randomly showed up at my flat with chocolates and bubbly, so I let him in and gave him dinner (he arrived around 6pm). Then after dinner he announced he missed his train home and asked to stay the night.

I checked and he has missed his train. So not wanting to be "No, sleep on the streets!" I let him sleep over. Nothing happened! Then we met the following weekend for his birthday which was combined with my friends birthday and he was really clingy and was telling people I was his girlfriend and I felt really awkward and didn't know how to fix the situation.

So, how to I 'dump' him? This is a weird one and I don't want to hurt him because we're in the same social network and I'm fairly new to it and I don't want my new friend to hate me for hurting their 'old' friend

Phoned him last night and said "We need to talk" and he hung up! I thought maybe it was a mobile glitch, so called back but he won't answer any of my calls or reply to my texts... Good or bad sign? Can I now assume I'm single?


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  • Its not really possible tbh.

    "Im breaking up with you" is pretty much saying but in other words "I don't find you attractive in any way... sorry"

    get what im saying? You can say either one and could still be called a bitch by him you know (not saying that you are one, we all have to break up with someone).

    My advice break up with him in your own words, but please say "im sorry". Trust me... the guy will accept it and won't go off at you. it happened to me. Unless you cheated on him or something lol

    Good luck! :D

    • Nah, I didn't cheat. As I said this is something that's only been going on for 5 weeks and that's also how long we've know each other.

      Is it wrong for me to ask to be still be friends? Or should I just not mention the friend thing at all and if he wants to be friends then let him make that choice?

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    • Thank you. Don't worry, I'll be quick to comment if things don't go well lol

    • Alright cool and thanks for Most Helpful :D

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  • Well if I had to break up with a girl on a date I would do it over a date pay the bill and give her a kiss on the lips and say good buy I don't love you enough to be with you for ever I'm breaking up with you and I think that's a great way for any body to do it


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  • You should just be honest. Tell him that you really weren't looking for a relationship and that you think it would be best to go separate ways.

    • I'm fine with being honest. It's just how does one go about bring up the topic of ending things? Do I just dive right in or ease into it? Do I start when do it when we first meet or in the middle, end?

    • From experience, do it when you feel comfortable. Even though its very uncomfortable to do at all but when you are ready itll slip out and itll be just that. just be like "I have to tell you something.. I am not happy..."

    • Ok, that makes sense. Thank you.

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