I need help figuring out my exes motives, LADIES PLEASE HELP?

Ex and I broke up 4 months ago, we didn't date that long and were never really friends before that. We went 4 months NC until recently.

She first suggested we hook up. I wanted us to discuss what happened with us. She told me "I'm sorry, I was really in a party mode at that time and had no real interest in being in a serious relationship. I thought of you as a real good time friend, which is terrible but it is the truth. That is why I was such a b**** to you". I asked her, what is going on this time, she said she didn't remember a romantic "spark" when we were together, but she had no interest in love then, so it might just be because she wasn't letting anyone get close to her. She said she kind of wants to start fresh. She added after that asking if we could still have sleepovers even though we are starting fresh, or if we should wait.

We finally got together last night for dinner. She jokingly said she was going to need a key to my new apartment when I moved, told me she might as well just take my last name when she moves into my apartment, when I told her my sister wanted a crazy engagement ring, she told me there is some rule about it is supposed to be x number of months paychecks, and then jokingly said but that doesn't start until your full time (I told her I was about to be promoted from part time until full time). She also was very interested in my dating life after her, and told me how awful some of her dates have been since me. She told me that I was the most "normal" guy she has dated, in fact that I was most normal person I've probably ever met". Then when I dropped her off she told me I had to get out of my car to give her a hug, and she gave me a really big hug, and I kind of leaned in to give her a kiss and maybe I was wrong but she didn't really seem into it (I am admittedly awful at making moves). When I was getting back in my car she told me "Text me when you get home, or call me, or fb me, basically stalk me".

So what does she want?
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  • Honestly this chick is all over the place. One minute it seems like she wants to get back together. The next, she wants nothing to do with you. Maybe you should avoid her.

    • You think it'd be too soon to flat out tell her I like her and want to be serious with her and see how she reacts? Or maybe just ask if she thinks I should delete my online dating profile and see what she says? We originally met online

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    • Thank you. Hope I helped.

    • Thanks for the input. We are already having some issues again. I probably should have just stayed away from her

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  • I think she cares about you. she's interested but she seems to be holding back something, maybe another guy? or maybe her family didn't like you?
    It has to be something!

    • I never met any of her family. We really only dated like two months

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