I was the other guy and they were married. Is it just as bad?

So there have been two women in the past that have slept with me that were married. Now they basically told me their marriages were already over. I really didn't care as it was just sex. Does that make it just as bad in your opinions? I know marriages can be really long to "finalize" but do you feel it was alright for them to go off with me like that? Would others judge me if they knew that I was voluntarily screwing married women?


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  • There are many Men And many Women out there who cheat on their spouses, and of course, it's not fair to their own spouses. If they decide to pick up on an "innocent bystander" like yourself, let's say, and you were never looking for anything More than a good time Charley, it just makes them Still appear as the Cheating Charlies they are, and you're Still off the hook. If I am to simply Judge the situation at hand here, you are merely this single guy who is just playing the field, not putting labels on anyone or even----judging them-----even if it Is "voluntarily screwing married women."xx

    • To me I feel like the court system makes it complicated. Like these women's marriages were already over and they couldn't do anything about it. One of them is struggling to divorce and her husband's already off with other women as it is. She is trying to get the divorce going and it's taking forever.

    • I rest my case then.. dismissed:)) xx

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  • My general approach to life is to not do things I wouldn't like done to me. I wouldn't want my husband to be screwing around on me even if our relationship is on the rocks, so yes, I think it's bad. That being said, everyone does bad things. If you don't feel like you're in the wrong, then that's your call. I'm in no position to judge.

  • The married women and you are both in the wrong.

    • I know of people who took literally years for their divorces to finalize. Are you saying those people who can't finalize their divorce are not allowed to date even though they are clearly broken up?

    • I'm not saying that. You wanted to know if it was bad and if others would judge you for it.

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  • Yes, it's wrong of you, and yes people will and should judge you for it. You're trying to justify the behavior in your mind so you can feel better about it but you wouldn't be here asking if you didn't already know it was wrong.

    We all make mistakes and do things we regret but don't dismiss those feelings of guilt and convince yourself it's OK because it's not.

    • I actually don't feel bad about it at all when they even talked about their situations to me. I was only looking to see how judgmental others would be about it instead of asking for more details. I know of men who took years to finalize their divorce because of the legal system and they dated other people with no problems.

  • I've done married women before, some I knew she was and still is married, some I didn't know.

    If she wants to cheat then she will.

    If you want to do a married woman it will only happen if she wants to do it too. I have no problem being the "other guy"

    • Yea same here. I notice when the divorce is over, they honestly can't speed it up anymore than the court system allows.

    • If it wouldn't be you, sweetie, then some other guy, the way I see it.

    • No one normally gives a hoot about your name, "Joe," but will pick up instantly like a cheating cheetah in the nite, when it comes to the----------hooter:)) xx

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