How do you move on from a lying ex bf who always says he's right, his family's kind but never bothered to get to know your family or respect, and...?

so I'm trying to put my head to figure out the why's the how's while I pick up the pieces after 2.5 years. I went out with thise jerk Matt Z and he basically always would say he loved me etc and would never hurt me, before me, he was into this slut Alison. I should have read the red flag. he even proposed and after that, he let his 'relatives' who are his supervisors, come in call me racist and derogatory names at my work place, under a camera. so basically he couldn't stand up to them after they verbally abused me, he takes sides. in the 2 years, he's never gotten my parents even 1 card or tried to get to know him. he always thinks his family is 'pure' because they're catholic and they're cheap. like every birthday they made me buy them gifts meanwhile he never bought me any. and states he's 'proud' to be a 'zator' which I have no idea what that means. how do you get over a mess of an individual causing so much havoc, taking away 2.5 whole years of your life and treats your family like garbage? my dad had to fix his stupid car, b/c he was too cheap, it broke down (battery issue). he's an ungrateful bastard and I'm trying to forget him, am talking to other guys. but also he hasn't returned my possessions either. Basically not a very well brought up individual with respect issues. Also he stated he thinks half asains and blonds are attractive, which I'm neither. this guy is one of the biggest jerks. he gives me a cheap engagement ring and states his debt problems , which also gave me a lot of anxiety. in the end he says 'he cares' to which I basically thought 'go fuck yourslf' yes, how do you get over the bitterness of dealing with a biased, dumb, brainwashed I believe in creationism, rude , manipulative, disrespecting family, ex and his fat relatives who came in yelling and cursing at me (because they are rude , loser ish jealous racist individuals) ?


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  • You basically answered your own question.

    If you focus on all the bad aspects of a relationship, you get over that person really quickly, thinking how could you have possibly been into THAT.


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