Why do men acuss woman of cheatin?

My boyfriend acuss me of fuckin somebody else yesterday nd its crazy cause I wasn't doin shit but hangin out with my friends then he says he was just bullshittin with me like that is crazy as hell then he says he dont want people on fb to know we together because he dont want people in our business. Im like if you love someone it shouldn't matter right? I met his parents nd his friends so im just wondering why he dont want people on fb to know its just crazy to me


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  • He is the one who probably cheat on you that's why he thinks you are doing the same. No trust=end of relationship.

    • He has trust issues because every girl he dated cheated nd hurt him he not use to being with a faithful girl like me so he act crazy as hell sometimes

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  • Usually the accuser is the culprit. He might be cheating on you. Don't go asking him if he is obviously he's deny it but he may be cheating on you.


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  • Sounds like he's the one cheating here.

    Why would he not want people on Facebook knowing? Probably because his mistress is in his friends list and doesn't know you exist. Or plot twist, YOU'RE the mistress and he doesn't want his gf to find out.

    • He say he dont want people in our business

    • What possible "business" could you have, if he puts you down like that? :(

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