His mom still talks to his ex girlfriend...?

He was in a relationship with her for 5+ years, and they broke up. So I understand that they knew each other... but how would you feel that they still talk :( his mom like comments on her public Facebook profile saying "hows my girl?" it kind of bothers me but i can't make comments. im not even friends with her on fb, and i barely see his mom...

part of me feels like i should just break up with him. I feel like the family will always want her... the reason they split is because he would not propose. so i keep having constant fear he will just return to her. it sucks cause i really like him and in the end i just feel like i will be the one gettin hurt... his ex does not even know about me,. everyone else does friends and family but her.

does anyone believe in hope? should I let this go for a year and end it to see where things go?


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  • Let it go for a year? No. Just let it go. Period. Fact is it's not in your control and you don't now nor will ever have the right as a girlfriend or daughter-in-law to take up issue with it.

    Although you may find it hurtful it has nothing to do with you.


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  • 1. If you are uncomfortable with something then talk it out to him (not the mother being friends with his ex part)
    2. You are his gf not his mom's so why should that bother you? If his mom doesn't like you big deal, he does and that matters
    3. Why should she know about you? she's moved on and so be it
    4. Never be in something you are not comfortable in. You have an option here to talk it out - do it rather than living a miserable life :)

  • My opinion is that you need to stand up for yourself, to yourself. What happens between them is really none of your concern. You need to demonstrate to his family and him that you're worth it, and getting upset over that kind of thing does not impress anyone believe me. Be strong and comfortable with your own worth.


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  • Don't think too much about the closeness of the mom and the ex, after all it's not the mom you're having a relationship with. Just try to be nice to the mom as best as you can and hopefully one day she'll be close to you too, maybe even closer.


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