why does a cheating ex keep contacting me?

why does a cheating ex randomly call me saying how are you when I finally answer. then still after several months claim it was all my fault. I hang up and he still calls once a week or fortnight. why does he keep doing this?


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  • Well first of all that dude is complete prick for cheating and 2nd of all it's most likely because he wants to have sex just going off of his past a guy won't try to talk to a woman he cheated on unless he wants something such as sex

    • but why can't he just have sex with someone else.. i mean he found people to have sex with whilst together.. im sure he could find someone now.. why does he need to contact me to have sex with?

    • Because you use to be together this dude sounds like a straight up scum bag but he's most likely going for the easy route by asking his ex he's pretty pathetic and will get what's coming to him but yeah he's just trying to sex anyway he can and you are easy to him

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