Is my ex being more than "friendly"?

I'll just do a quick run down
- We broke up 8 months
- We weren't friends before dating, she broke up with me but called me for a month or so after we broke up before eventually going no contact
- Roughly two months no contact and she texted me to catch up, it lasted a day and then we went back to not contacting. I tried texting her a week later and she ignored it
- After 4 months of no contact she texted me about 2 weeks ago. She ended up calling and we talked and caught up.
- Things are very friendly, we talk briefly via text or fb chatted every couple days briefly. I found out she had a boyfriend and has had one for basically since we broke up, and she talked about him a couple times.
- Recently she started contacting more, like daily and she wanted me to call her two nights ago but I told her I couldn't. She talked to me again yesterday then asked me to call he again today when I had a chance. We talked for a while and she started complaining about her BF to me.
- She also told me her BF MIGHT have to move across country in a month. She ended the phone call by asking me to hang out tomorrow.
- She called me again tonight, so that is twice she called me today.

I at first she was trying to be friendly, but it has been 8 months since we talked, why would she get back in contact with me to be just friends? And we were never just friends. And even if she wanted to be friends, isn't it weird to contact someone as much as she is me if you are only friends? I don't know what she is thinking, and am trying to figure out her intentions, because I don't want to go thinking we are meeting as friends, and then realize she is actually hitting on me because I don't want to be with a girl who has a boyfriend.

Am I being paranoid in thinking this is more than friendly?


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  • I get the impression she maybe creating a back-up plan, if her boyfriend does have to leave.
    She may have feelings for you. She may just want a guys perspective on her B/F situation Either way, I would be cautious.
    Personally, I would go into it, the hanging out, with the thoughts it's just a friendship meeting. This leaves you in a position of power. If you get the impression she wants more than a friendship. You can either pursue that. Or explain you would rather just stay as friends.
    If she is OK with the friendship, you can feel her out (not feel her up ;-p). Maybe something more can develop.

    But like I said, you would be in control.



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  • I get the feeling she doesn't have solid boundaries or really cares about your feelings. The right thing for her to do is break up with him and not talk about him with you. Kinda low.


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