What questions should I have planned for my ex friend during our meeting with the heads of University?

Back on December 13th I was viciously attacked by my ex friend and neighbour in my previous dorms. Unprovoked, he sprayed deodorant at my face with a lighter.

Only just recently I learnt that he had been consciously spreading lies to many of my friends who don't speak to me any more. Not only that but he's been a major contributor to my ex and I not getting back together.

For weeks I have been catching her staring at me and looking away immediately after we made eye contact.

But any way, I'm to have a meeting either at the end of this week or some time next week with my ex friend and certain members from the University disciplinary board.

I've got a couple questions in mind for him:

1- Why and to what benefit?
2- Do you have anything against me?

The dean who I talked to last week mentioned that, along with all other Universities globally, this University will not tolerate such acts.

We, together with 2 other people who were present at the time, were asked to write witness statements and I can safely say he's cornered.

I especially want him to go around and tell my friends and ex what he did and that he lied.


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  • Sounds like you have everything I can think of already. What an awful person. Who would do that? Hope everything turns our in your favour.


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  • "For weeks I have been catching her staring at me and looking away immediately after we made eye contact."

    When I read this I can't help but think "delusional."No apology, I've seen so many guys and girls who think like this, typically they don't have a firm grasp of physical reality.

    So this friend of yours actually set you on fire though? That's wicked.

    You seem more concerned about random lies than getting set on fire though. I wouldn't care about what some dude is telling my ex, you should have thrown him out the window by now. Dude tried you set you. On. Fire.

    Is this even a question, or just a statement telling everyone what a jerk this guy is?

    • "Delusional"? :/ ... The "physical reality" is that she looks at me very often, but YOU don't seem to grasp that.

      Of course I'm fucking concerned about the fire, I was almost fucking blinded if it weren't for my quick reflexes.

      If I had done anything more than hit him in self defence I would be fucked.

      I'm definitely concerned with what
      He's saying, because : A) she won't speak to and dislikes me because of his lie B) because my friends ignore me now.

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