Ladies I need some advice on what's going on with my ex gf?

My ex gf and I are friends right now and I don't know if I should stay her friend. She telling me she needs time to get her life together and I myself need time to so a friendship would be best. Only thing is she says she likes me but she also likes another dude but she don't know him enough to wanna be with him, he is in a different state, and they talk couple times a week. What should I do? Should I chill and let it play out because I feel me pushing the issue will make things worst.
Oh and we talk almost everyday be it a little check in. My guy friends say that's bad because she won't miss me and I'll eventually be stuck as a friend so I should just disappear. I think that's dumb lol.


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  • if this girl wants her space and thinks you need some time too, you better give her her space. I told a guy this once, I really did care about him and was interested in him but I personally was not at a place in my life where I could commit to another person and really needed time to focus on myself. he didn't respect my wishes, he would text me every day, sometimes non stop, and eventually it just pushed me far far away. it got so annoying I couldn't take it anymore he didn't respect what I said to him and he was being really pushy. I think you should give this girl her space. give her time to think and miss you. if she's hearing from you all the time, she's not going to miss you.

    • So I shouldn't be worried about the other dude?

    • I mean it's natural and normal to be a little worried/curious/jealous about the other guy. But it's also not something you can control. She's going to do what she wants and what she feels is right and you just kinda have to give her her space if that's what she asked for and hope for the best.

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  • Personally, I dont think that ex's should EVER be friends. I tried it, and It made me feel like complete crap. So If she's talking to another guy, then I think its time for you to either move on and be single or just find another girl to talk to.

  • Don't check up on her. Make her check up on you. She basically told you she need space to sort out her life.

    So give her space, and make her wonder what is going on with you. Don't make her think your sitting down waiting on her to call.


  • If she said she needed space, give her space. If she needs you.. She will text or call you. Tell her that you'll give her space so that she knows that you care but still are willing to leave her alone to sort things out.

    It can be very bad and hurtful on the inside to be friends with exes, I personally couldnt do that.. I ignore my exes if I see them or just give them a simple hi and a smile :)

    But you care for eachother so you might as well to what she wanted in the first place and leave her alone. It will be hard but if you care about her and want her as a friend.. Giver her space.

    • Should I worry bout other dude?

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  • What's your objective? Do you want to get back in a relationship with her?


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