Bf dumped me and won't stop texting me?

My bf of a year broke up with me on Saturday. The previous weekend we went to a wedding where we fought the entire time. He never wanted a title and has never been big on them saying people change after they get them. He had mentioned in September to a guy friend who was also in the wedding about sharing a room. I got mad bc it seemed like he expected our relationship to fail and we wouldn't be going together. Anyway Saturday after I slept over and asked him what was going on he said he didn't know. I pressured him to make a decision and he said he doesn't see a future with us based on the past year and we bicker too much. He said something about being friends and I said no and took
My stuff and left. I cried to him and did all the stupid stuff people do in that situation. Monday we hung out and just watched tv. Tuesday he drove cough drops over to my house because I'm sick. I didn't ask him to do that he offered. Ever since he has been texting me small talk. What does he want? I feel like he keeps checking up on me.
Curious to see what a guy thinks also
Any guys have opinions on this also? I appreciate all feedback I just want to see what a guy would think also. Thanks


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  • Sounds like he feels guilt for the breakup, but also that he still cares in some kind of a way. Normally after a breakup, both people go their opposite ways as a way of healing and moving on. Honestly, I would outright just ask him why he is continuing to hang around. I think in large part, his energy contributed to the demise of the relationship to be honest. If someone is sitting around and thinking," ugh... if I tell her she is my girlfriend she is going to change and become awful..." WHAT do you expect to happen? You guys were doomed before you even started.

    For the sake of moving through the breakup and healing from it, I would ask him why he continues to hang around. And if its not for the reason of reconciling our relationship and making it better? Then he needs to STEP OFF. Right now, YOU Are agreeing to his suggestion to."just be friends" by allowing him to keep coming over and having small talk. That isn't what you wanted, but its what's happening. I would put my foot down and express,"either you want me in your life, or you don't." Period.

    Good luck.


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  • You guys had a fight, but he doesn't think you broke up. Guys don't do those things for ex girlfriends. Maybe write down what you think all the problems you are having are, then get off of GAG and go talk to him! Face to face. Or on the phone if that's too hard. NOT over text or chat. It's too important for that. Figure it out. Obviously he cares a lot.

    • He always talks about how I pressure him and he needed space and all this other nonsense and how I didn't take him seriously. I'm trying to give space and only write back when he messages me. I agree only boyfriends do those things! A special delivery of cough drops? Lol come on! Thanks!!! =)

  • He has pitty on you, and is seeing someone else behind your back.

    get well soon xox

  • He probably wants you to still cling and is hanging onto that.

    • Why would he want me to cling? Is he hoping I don't get over him so he still had a chance if he decides he wants that? Or another reason?

    • I think it's a dominance/territory issue. The first guy I did anything sexual with wanted me to cling and then he got pissed when I started to move on.

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