Should I give up on him? what to do?

I have not spoken to him for about 5 days now. whenever I saw him online and he send message to me. I sign out and avoid him. I want to move on but part of me don't want to let him go if I stay with Him I will be on the same situation he will never take me as his gf. its been 3 years I become faithful to him but whenever he told me he is not ready to be my bf. he broke up with me and he get another girl to be his girlfriend.. and that hurts I am kinda tired to him.


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  • I think so far you have done the right thing for your feelings to start to avoid him. 3 years is a long time to wait for someone to commit. You have been faithfull and patient to him.
    It is not fair that he will just drop you and get someone else, then want you back again.
    Do you want to be treated like this? I'm sure it's a no.
    It's obvious you really like him a lot or you wouldn't have stuck around so long.
    You need to ask yourself whether your happy be in his life at his call, with no commitment from him. And if you can put up with it. I think by now he would have commited if he was going to.

    I really don't think it's going to change anytime soon.
    I truly believe the best thing for you to do is try to move on. Give it some time, forgive him in your head and give yourslef time to heal.
    Like you have been doindg, it is easier to move on if you don't have contact with them.

    You will find someone who deserves your commitment who will give it back one day.

    This guy doesn't seem to know what he's got and hasn't treated you how he should.
    Is the way things have been happening really worth it? Would you put up with it for years more?

    I hope not. You deserve better lovely xx


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  • I think it's best to move on. He's not that into you, and you appear to be handling the conflict in an immature way.

  • Are you kidding me! Yes.


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  • No. Move on. Use him when you please if you want, but do not get attached or spend too much time. He is not interested in a relationship, so don't treat him like he is one to you. Go out, find other people who will treat you right, let him go.


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