im soo confused with my ex right now?

ok, so I kept dreaming about my ex and I text him last week to confess my love to him, and he started telling me about how his girl played him for a fool , talking about everything he did for her and how she used him for money, well the next day I sent him a snap chat invite and he text me asking what I was doing, we ended up hanging out that night, well we went to a hotel did our thing spent the whole weekend together, and he spent every night at my house for the past week at my house, but he's still texting other girls, and he's always doing it in front of me and im getting, soo jealous I don't know what to think or even what to do this morning when he left to work he didn't kiss me, however the other night he woke me up in the middle of the night, because he kissed my forehead please help me with my confussion


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  • I think the problem is that you haven't establish what you guys are now? Yes he is your ex but now from what I read it sounds like a friends with benefits situation. I think communication and talking things out is always important when you are with smebody. I think you just need to have a talk with him to determine where you stand with him and what you guys are? I also think things moved to fast when you got back with him. It's easy to let emotions get the best of us.

    Also him texting other girls seems like he doesn't think you guys are back together. I do think it's wrong and very rude that he did that in front of you. I hope yo uand him can work thigns out. It's easy to miss an ex and want to be with them. Sometiems these things can work out a second time and other times you have to let them go and try to move on which is never easy and is always very hard to do.


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