When you ex is your best friend?

so i fell in love with a girl that was my best friend she broke up with me awhile ago but its been pretty hard to just let her go out of my life. I still think we can be together and sometimes she says things that make me think it as well. We are still really close but she does have a new bf now that doesn't like me being so close with her. It kind of puts everyone in a awkward spot as i get mad seeing her, she kinda in a spot being friends with me and her bf not liking it.. I still see her a lot throughout the week expect when he's with her.. So she has told me she doesn't want to lose me and stuff but has also told friends that maybe i should move on and if we are meant to be we will. I dont really want anyone else she kinda who i want to spend my life with so kinda hard to want to find someone else


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  • For now, you're not in a position to think of her as someone you might spend the rest of your life with. If she felt that way, you wouldn't be exes. It's not fair to her now that she has a boyfriend. For now, try for simple friendship unless you don't think you can stay merely friends. With the boyfriend, that is a bit complicated too. It may need to stay in the background until he trusts her more and the two of you have enough distance so that you are much less of threat to him. No matter how you look at it, your options are limited. Pushing for too much can threaten what you have now.


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