What's with my ex boyfriends actions, is he worth it?

I dated this guy for a very short time last year. I broke up with him because of my parents. I was his best friend for the whole entire school year still but after the break up, we still were, but there was tension. Over the summer, he asked me if I liked him and I said yes. But then I told him I could not date him still. In the beginning of this school year, it was as if he did not know me anymore. It made him not approachable so I did not talk to him. Now, he has been trying to talk to me more and its been okay I guess. Js, he is a very flirty boy who mostly hangs out with girls. What do you think he is thinking, boys? Is he still worth it? I'm only in 8th grade but I just want us to be really good friends and maybe more in highschool!


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  • i'm not a guy, so not your target audience, but it sounds like you were sending him mixed messages. did your parents just not want you dating so young? he was probably just not talking to you because he was trying to get over you, but I don't know exactly since i don't really know yalls situation, but thats what i would guess. my personal opinion, don't worry about relationships so early.

    • Thank you! I just want us to be good friends again but there's so much tension. What should I do?

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